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For your event marketing strategy to have a competitive edge, you need to be at the forefront of technological innovation.

Toldright has been leading the virtual events landscape since 2019—well before the pandemic forced businesses into an accelerated state of digital transformation.

By understanding the unique infrastructural needs of the many clients we serve, toldright’s video experts are able to leverage emerging technologies to help businesses of all sizes gain a serious advantage in a world that already runs on video.

Forget plug and play. Our personalized approach includes:

  • Using tech that seamlessly integrates with your desired streaming solutions
  • Producing AR, VR and MR experiences
  • Working with editing software that’s collaborative, flexible and designed for cross-functional teamwork

From high-quality virtual and hybrid event solutions like Brandlive, to efficient and cutting-edge production equipment and tools, here’s how toldright leverages emerging technologies to take your virtual and hybrid events higher.

Innovating on top of emerging technologies to create must-watch video content

Video is one of the most powerful engagement tools a business has at its disposal.

According to Wyzowls’s 2021 State of Video Marketing report, “marketers feel more positive about the return on investment offered by video than ever, as it continues to strongly influence traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding.”

But if the 2020 pandemic has taught content marketers and event strategists anything, it’s that viewers are leaving traditional video behind and gravitating towards newer technologies like interactive streaming platforms and extended reality (XR) tools because they provide more interactive and meaningful experiences.

24% of video marketers plan to include interactive video in their 2021 video marketing, which is 3% more than last year.


How toldright transformed Brandlive’s streaming platform into a personalized virtual event hub

Since day one, toldright has been producing interactive virtual and hybrid events for clients using Brandlive’s streaming platform as a foundation for launching fully-branded live and pre-recorded shows.

Brandlive is hailed as an industry leader in the virtual and hybrid space for good reason.

With over 50,000 events under their belt, they’ve set the virtual event bar high for brands and their viewers thanks to their game-changing platform.

Combining toldright’s content expertise with Brandlive’s platform only made our partners’ event experiences even more powerful. Our two-lane highway expanded to four lanes, giving clients and their audiences an engaging, customized and top-tier content experience usually reserved for their at-home movie and TV nights on the couch.

So much more than a plug and play

The innovative collaboration goes beyond fully incorporating the platform’s interactive features into your live event video experience.

When combined with toldright’s all-inclusive production experience, Brandlive’s best-in-show platform delivers an immersive, interactive and customized event that almost rivals an entertainment program. Think of it like the superhighway of today.

Each partner event we produced using Brandlive showcased the virtual event platform’s capabilities, as well as toldright’s ability to create custom live event features for a superior viewing experience. These unique features include:

  • Live chat and Q&As to stay in touch with your audience in real time
  • Photo and video galleries to highlight milestones, sizzle reels, auctions, and more
  • On-page download centers for important documents like webinar presentations, eBooks, white papers, etc.
  • Gamification features such as in-show games and live FaceTime drop-ins from athletes and celebrities

Seeing the toldright team leverage our platform in new ways is inspiring. Their ability to innovate pushes us to find opportunities to expand Brandlive’s capabilities and continually provide clients with richer and more elevated virtual event experiences.

– Thomas Iwasaki, Brandlive Chief Product Officer

How toldright can do it for you

Toldright is more than the countless streaming platforms that emerged during COVID-19—all of which boast many of the same features including polls, quizzes, live chat, etc.

We partner with the most trusted and flexible streaming solution to ensure our clients receive the best of both worlds: access to a secure, fully-equipped and customizable platform, along with an unmatched production solution that delivers more than an add-on feature.

Whether you’re planning a live broadcast or searching for a hybrid solution for your events, toldright’s streaming experts are there to help you create an immersive brand experience that’s safe, professionally produced and built for top-level entertainment.