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Video Styles

We tailor each video to perfectly align with your brand and message. Our flexible approach ensures that your story is presented in the style that best captures your vision.


Capture the authenticity of real-life stories with our docu-style videos, which are ideal for impactful, narrative-driven content.


Bring complex ideas to life with vibrant animations that engage, educate, and entertain your audience.


Craft precise, controlled narratives with scripted videos that deliver your message with clarity and impact.

Live Stream

Connect with your audience in real-time using live streams, perfect for events, announcements, and interactive experiences.

We've worked with some of the best brands

4k+ videos produced 2k+ industry experts 600+ projects

  • Crafted a local team to reduce travel costs to $0
  • Captured footage over 17 days for 14 teams
  • Managed all timelines, shoots, and operational logistics

The Toldright promise

We know there are a lot of video production companies out, but choosing Toldright means:

Quality videos and speedy delivery

We understand digital strategy like a robust creative agency. We move quicker than the guy you hire off Fiverr but with credibility backed by industry giants.

Our strategies work

Creative video is only effective if you have a clear plan and goals. That’s why 96% of our clients see a positive ROI on their video initiatives in the first year.

We support local talent

There are many benefits to working with local talent that directly impact your community—the best people are closer than you think!

Affordable and built-to-scale

Quality content can impact all areas of your business—sales, customer success, marketing, and product. We build in-budget solutions and then help you scale.

Maximize your ROI and impact with quality video

Many people have tried to define quality. We sum up it simply by asking: Why spend more on fewer results?