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The notion that your business needs video isn’t a revolutionary one.

We all consume brand-related content more than we care to admit. From ads on social platforms and TV, to ad-supported streaming services, content marketing, and product/HR/internal videos served to you while you work—there’s no shortage of content at your disposal.

That’s because it works.

I’m not suggesting that all content works all the time. But your business evolves as consumer behavior evolves. Life is fully on-demand, where 85% of Americans watch video on the daily. If you question that notion, just check yourself into a hotel room and turn on the TV. Until somewhat recently, you were at the mercy of whatever programs were scheduled on networks at that particular moment in time. As we evolve, so does your content.

But it can be overwhelming to assess your own content needs and make a plan to add video to your business workflow.

“What do I have to do? I have a day job… and ‘content producer’ isn’t it.”
“What’s the ROI?”
“How much content do I need to add?”
“How much do I need to spend? Is it worth it?”
“I don’t really want to manage another project on top of my existing work.”
“I’m doing fine with what I have. I’ll get to it at some point.”

We’ve got news for you…

There’s a better way to solve your video needs

Not only can toldright address all above, but the solution is much simpler than you think.

Our recent project work during “unique” pandemic circumstances has proven that our partners can add high-quality video to support their businesses without any of the hassles that have traditionally come with that once-tedious process.

There’s a better way to solve your video needs than time spent vetting production solutions, crafting messages from scratch, and sitting through corporate-speak conference calls and Zooms with people who talk too much.

We hear you. We’re here to help change all of that.

The 3 components that make up accessible content

Our history stems from creating video content for partners big and small. We take the guesswork out of the equation and sweat the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture—along with the responsibilities that come with your day-to-day. Providing you with an accessible video solution that fits your needs comes down to three components:

1. Access to the Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood of creators come fully vetted.

What does that mean? Our roster of five-star talented pros all feature media, entertainment, advertising, social and all-around-interesting-content backgrounds. They are people we know. They are people we’ve worked with. They are people we trust. We do the vetting, so you don’t have to.

Most of our creators have produced, directed and supported (lighting, cameras, cinematography, music, animation, graphics) some of the most iconic films, commercials, sports and entertainment programs from the last 25 years—including a current primetime competition series on a major TV network that always delivers great stories!

You never know the amazing talent you’ll get to work with when you work with the toldright team.

2. A collaborative approach

Toldright not only provides exceptional creators, but we blend the creator experience with your day-to-day world throughout the video-making process so that you end up working with people you genuinely enjoy collaborating with.

The goal isn’t to make friends, but it sure is nice to work on projects with people you trust AND like.

3. Processes that are tailored to you

The businesses we work with come from all walks of life with the common theme among them being a need to create innovative and efficient content that’s true to their brand.

Your video should be as unique as your business, which is why we make sure to prioritize your objectives for any video project—awareness, promotion, engagement—and craft a timeline and delivery process tailored to your needs.

Is this “video process” completely new to your organization? No problem. We’ll walk you through it. All video content is truly unique to each partner and thus, so is the process.

4 types of video projects that will bolster your content

Given all that great collaborative work, we’ve found these four successful types of video projects stand out the most in terms of bolstering your content:

  1. One-off projects
  2. Starter-kit projects
  3. Large-scale projects
  4. “Always-on” projects

All have proven successful, and all are uniquely positioned to support any kind of business leader looking to evolve their content story.

1. One-off projects

The most elementary approach is, “Have need. Will hire.”

The “need” is a specific project, idea or concept that will be brought to life in video form.

This project type delivers a highly-efficient and fast solution for any business looking to go from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds. The result will be a video in-hand showcasing your product, solution and message.

Examples one-off projects:

  • A product demo for your website
  • Live-streaming an event
  • A corporate video that shows off your company culture
  • Virtual activation video for your campaign launch

The good news? We do all that and more. All day. Every day.

Our team of more than 1,600 on-demand creators from across the nation are ready to transform any concept into a workable timeline. Into a content capture. Into an edit. Into your review. Into reality. And we do so with a project manager leading you every step of the way. No unknowns. No commitments. No concerns.

We merely take the opportunity to learn about your project goals and objectives, and then carefully craft a straightforward timeline and solution to meet your needs. No matter the cause, the results speak for themselves.

2. Starter-kit projects

The Starter-kit Project has proven to be an effective way for innovative teams to engage in content creation without overcommitting themselves.

The desire to create more than a single video to drive value across an organization exists for many. But how to effectively deliver that still remains elusive for most.

Our focus for your brand is to drive down costs while driving up value. And a five-video Starter Kit has worked for many clients to do just that.

The approach delivers a consistent team of creators across all videos, while also giving you the flexibility to easily shift priorities from one video to the next. It’s effectively creating a SWAT Team of creatives to support your organization at any time.

Example of a five-video Starter-kit Project:

  • Video 1: A public-facing video for an upcoming industry conference
  • Video 2: Internal leadership message around a key company initiative
  • Video 3: A social video touting a corporate social responsibility effort in a local market
  • Video 4: An HR video for onboarding employees in 2021
  • Video 5: A video for your sales team showcasing your company’s solution

And there you have it: five videos. Five solutions. One partner.

3. Large-scale projects

How much is too much?

We get that question a lot when talking with partners about how best to create content that may carry multiple messages, brand elements or more than one outcome.

Sometimes, the best solution is a large-scale project like a multi-episode series.

Episodic content isn’t just for TV networks. In today’s world, you are your own content network. Who better to craft a message about YOUR people, YOUR product, YOUR story, than YOU?

Of course, large-scale projects also give you the opportunity to share your “journey” with your most important constituents. It could be as simple as onboarding a client, showcasing the benefits of your solution(s), or creating relevant case studies demonstrating the success of your product/services in action.

The toldright team can help you ideate, storyboard, outline, capture, edit, refine and publish your narrative within the confines of a series of videos.

Our creators are award-winning storytellers for a reason.

Toldright’s Neighborhood offers you access to amazing storytellers who have crafted a variety of large-scale projects like:

  • Multi-part series
  • Features
  • Documentaries
  • Shorts

Our best-in-class approach shares those amazing artists with you and your team to help tell your story one episode at a time.

4. “Always-on” projects

Sometimes you just want running water.

Turn the faucet on, let the water flow. Turn it off, it stops.

Pretty simple.

The toldright team can be your lifeline to water amid the oasis of content. (OK, the analogy has to stop there.)

But the reality is, partners have engaged our team of creators for feedback, guidance and insight at any time, for any need. Be it:

  • An ideation session about how to format an upcoming meeting
  • Creative thoughts on an RFP submission
  • As a solution to deliver a virtual experience for everyday events like board and town hall meetings that improves upon the basic video conference solutions like Zoom.
  • And more!

Our Neighborhood is your neighborhood. We provide an always-on solution for those who view content as a key part of their ongoing communications efforts.

How CareAR used an “always-on” video solution to build their own content network

One of our partners, CareAR (a Xerox company), decided they needed video as a resource for their sales team to showcase their technical solution to prospective clients. In doing so, they realized they wanted to have a vast video archive of footage spanning multiple industry verticals that would exhibit their solution in those respective categories.

So, we built it.

CareAR Video Shoot

We created the environments in which their product could stand out, and then built a real-time video library that illustrated the breadth of their products. This video project is multifunctional by design and is 100% theirs to use moving forward.

While we continue to deliver videos for CareAR on the regular, there are so many ways to use the new content we created for them beyond a single product video. We’re also using this fresh, new content for additional social media posts, internal how-to videos, and customer engagement content for existing clients of theirs, too.

The result? They were able to build their own content network without hiring a single full-time staffer.

An inclusive video solution with no limitations

We work with everyone.

I know, everyone says that. Everyone also says they can deliver anything you toss their way.

But does everyone say they want to support your existing creative team? Or that they’re here to fill in any gaps or leftover (even undesirable) work you may not get to?

We know many of you have amazing in-house (or existing) creative resources. In fact, we probably have worked alongside many of those same creators.

The point is, we’re not a solution that carries any limitations.

If your creative team needs an extra set of hands to capture more content for them to edit—great. If you need an editor to provide a recap of your own captured content—we’ve got your back. Maybe you need a one-off video to support that internal project that always seems to get deprioritized, or that multi-episode project is taking more time than planned.

When it comes down to it, we have a resource for you no matter the size, scale or scope of your video project.

After all, it’s your story, told right.