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An original video production refers to a unique and creative audio-visual creation that is produced with the intent to entertain, inform or convey a specific message. This process entails the crafting of video content from concept to completion, encompassing various stages such as pre-production, production and post-production.

Lights, Camera, Interaction

Create video content that is uniquely conceptualized with the intention of offering something new, distinct and innovative. This will involve the development and production from original ideas, concepts or scripts, rather than being a reproduction or adaptation of existing works.

The different stages of the production process include a variety of different steps:

  • Conceptualization – starting with the idea for your video, its creation and development, involves brainstorming, research, writing of a script or storyboard outlining the content, scenes and general structure.

    Planning – selection of a location, casting, production team assembly and proccuring the necessary equipment.

  • Filming – Recording of the video content, which includes setting up the cameras, lighting and audio equipment.

    Footage – Depending on the nature and goal of the video, you may require multiple takes and scenes gathered to create a final product.

  • Editing – once the footage has been gathered, it is time to edit recordings into a coherent and visually appealing final product. This may include adding sound effects, special visual effects and ensuring a smooth flow.

    Color Grading – adjusting the color and tone of the video to reach your desired effect.

    Sound Design – improve the overall quality of your video by enhancing or adding audio elements.

    Finalization – once the video is complete, it’s ready for distribution in different formats across various platforms.

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