Illuminate the heart of your cause

Use the power of stories to inspire people and make a real difference with Fundraising Videos that are specially made for your cause. With a mix of interesting stories, persuasive messages and effective calls to action, your organization can tap into the emotional connection needed to get people involved, donate money and support your cause.

Expand your reach and donations

Fundraising videos are versatile tools that can not only be used across multiple platforms but also under a variety of different circumstances.

Fundraising Campaigns

Articulate the purpose, objectives and meaningful effects of your cause, evoking compassion and inspiring viewers to become active contributors

Non-Profit & Charity Events

Create a heartfelt connection between your audience and your mission, compelling them to contribute, both in the moment and post event

Donor Cultivation & Stewardship

Create personalized videos that spotlight the influence of a donor's gift or by offering glimpses into project advancements, as these videos reinforce relationships and create enthusiasm for sustained engagement

Grant Applications & Proposals

Craft persuasive videos that complement your written proposals, offering a visual glimpse into your organization's activities and past endeavors, to foster stronger connections and strengthen support

Awareness & Outreach

Distribute your content on social media platforms, websites and via email campaigns, to educate them about your cause and rally those who share the vision of your mission

A dynamic video strategy for multichannel impact


Tell your organization’s story, journey and mission on your website

Social Media Platforms

Build a strong identity and community to connect with your strongest advocates and potential supporters/donors

Email Campaigns

Reach a wider audience and educate them on your organization and cause

  • 57 %
    of people

    who watch a video for a nonprofit go on to make a donation
  • 55%
    of people

    who engage with nonprofits on social media end up taking some sort of action
  • 43%
    of organizations

    use video for social proof which is a key component of nonprofit fundraising, especially peer-to-peer fundraising
  • 39%
    of people

    who watch a video look up the accompanying organization within 24 hours of viewing it

Let’s talk about bringing you the donations you deserve!

Seamlessly capture the essence of your cause and build strong connections with your potential and existing donors. We’re here to help you forge those deep connections and instill unwavering trust through compelling narratives. Together with our team of experts, we can collaborate to create a true and unique representation of your organization, its mission and values. Be a part of the transformation as potential supporters evolve into steadfast allies, driven by the resonance of your mission.