Experience past events in a new way

Make your event more impactful by creating a visual summary that’s informative and shareable on social media. A high-quality video recap can also be used for other marketing purposes, like promoting future events or boosting brand awareness.

Make the most of this versatile video service by choosing the right direction for you:

Promotional Potential

Share event recap videos across social media, websites and emails to build excitement and promote upcoming events.

Memorable Documentation

Craft recap videos to chronicle event achievements, capture standout moments and convey the event's primary focus.

Amplified Engagement & Brand Awareness

Amplify your event's impact and brand awareness, extending its influence beyond the event itself, and attract new interest from potential future event enthusiasts.

New Partnerships and Sponsors

Showcase audience engagement and the event's success, demonstrating its potential to prospective sponsors and partners, with concrete proof of your event's impact to secure sponsorships and collaborations for your future events.

Elevate engagement through highlights

Empower your event recap videos to serve as a driving force, extending your event’s influence, captivating a broad audience and engaging both new and loyal participants seamlessly.

  • 91%
    of consumers

    Want to see more video content
  • 84%
    of organizations

    Agree that virtual events are more effective than in-person events
  • 80%
    of event organizers

    Are able to reach a wider audience with virtual events

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