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Tiger Woods Foundation

Achieving donation goals by bridging the gap between in-person and virtual events

Meet the TGR Foundation

The TGR Foundation is a non-profit charity founded in 1996 by pro-golfer Tiger Woods that aims to empower underprivileged youth through education, as well as promote STEM in marginalized communities across the United States.

Through their established programs and events like Jam with Purpose and the Genesis Invitational, TGR has been able to provide over 6,500 students in grade and high schools with nationwide virtual STEM classes and specialized virtual workshops since the beginning of the pandemic.

Teaming up with toldright

Due to social distancing, TGR realized they would need to find new ways to safely host their large-scale events if they hoped to achieve their philanthropic goals for 2020 and 2021.

Toldright’s work began in 2020 with the TGR Foundation’s upcoming Jam with Purpose music fundraiser, which had always been hosted in person in Las Vegas.

The Tiger Woods Foundation approached the toldright team to help them create a premium, full-value virtual experience featuring celebrity talent like Tiger Woods and Darius Rucker. This initial experience led to toldright providing TGR with a first-of-its-kind Genesis Invitational live-draw pairings party down the line.


Taking the charity landscape to the virtual world

Bringing two of TGR’s biggest, high-profile charity events to the virtual landscape was no easy feat. One of the primary challenges was ensuring donors wouldn’t experience a gap between the in-person event they were used to and the new virtual experience.

Other hurdles included finding safe ways for both teams to work together during COVID-19, figuring out how to avoid dips in donations throughout the events, as well as attracting and coordinating with celebrities and special guests. We also needed to ensure both online events would be as dynamic and engaging as possible.

Setting up for success with Jam with Purpose in 2020

Any challenge can be surmounted if you have the right framework. Here’s how toldright helped TGR bring Jam with Purpose into a virtual environment.

  • Conducted numerous calls & rehearsals
    Through constant communication and planning, toldright’s tech team devised safe and efficient virtual workflows to make TGR’s vision come to life.
  • Coordinated with talent
    Toldright conducted tech rehearsals through cloud-based production software with talent in Mexico, Dallas, and Nashville.
  • Bridged the gap between virtual & in-person
    The team created an interactive event space that included engaging content like a high-quality live auction view, sponsor integrations, real-time chat, quizzes, affiliate links and more.
  • Provided live direction
    Throughout the broadcast, toldright’s producer helped TGR drive donations by reminding on-screen talent to mention the live auction and provide viewers with direction on how to donate.
  • Collaborated for stronger results
    Teams worked in tandem to ensure the event was kept on brand for TGR and that the demand for excellence was met.

Going above & beyond with Genesis in 2021

The Jam with Purpose event allowed toldright to develop effective workflows and processes they could then apply to the Genesis Invitational. By building off of this tried-and-true framework, the team was able to support TGR in elevating their next event using more dynamic and technical elements that would entertain donors.

Generating over 900 engagements in real time

In providing the TGR Foundation’s clients with two interactive, high-end virtual experiences, toldright was able to support the organization in driving significant traffic to their virtual auction pages, as well as help them achieve valuable engagement metrics that otherwise would not have happened in a physical event space.

  • 900+ page engagements

    Includes comments, clicks & quiz submissions

    182 attendees

    Guests remained engaged throughout the hour-long event

    300+ conversions

    Private event drove donors to the TGR Foundation Auction site

  • 900+ page views

    Viewers tuned in and came back after the event ended

    100+ attendees

    Guests provided with a seamless and fun 45-minute experience

    95+ page engagements

    Includes comments, clicks & quiz submissions

TGR adopts toldright’s model for their virtual events and beyond

As a result of the seamless nature of both events, their success, and the strong synergy between teams, TGR implemented toldright’s flexible virtual event solution as part of their core content marketing and event strategy.

The positive outcomes of the Jam with Purpose and Genesis Invitational events proved to the organization that they can confidently create engaging and fruitful charity events in a virtual space that evoke the same level of excitement as in-person live events. It all comes down to having the right team behind you.

Toldright has been instrumental in organizing our virtual TGR Live events and broadening the Tiger Woods Foundation’s sponsorship opportunities. They’ve consistently provided us with valuable insights, and transformed our physical events into meaningful virtual experiences, without sacrificing the premium quality and exclusivity our donors are accustomed to!

Michelle Bemis