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MLB Players, Inc.

MLBPA Players Way Youth Series

The Business

The Player’s Way is an initiative created by the Major League Baseball Player’s Association to help players and coaches become better athletes. The expertise they have available to them allows them to convey information about playing sports at the highest level via players and coaches who know what it takes to get there. As they say on their website, “To be your best, be taught by the best.”

The Challenge

Their goal was to visually represent their Players Way website library with how-to guides for the community of youth baseball players and their coaches. The library was to contain training videos, tips and drills, and demos of MLB players working as a team. The most challenging aspect of the shoots was the number of people involved. From players to coaches, and facilities staff, all would need to know where to be and when, as well as what they would be working on while there. In addition, the shoots were to take place in three different cities, adding further complexity to the production of the videos.

The Results

What happened next was an exercise in proper planning and preparation leading to toldright and The Player’s Way swinging the bat and hitting a proverbial home run. Producer Mandy Cohen was instrumental in creating scripts that would best capture each instructional component.

As a former ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and WGN (Hey, Hey, Harry Caray!) producer, Ms. Cohen has valuable experience at capturing dynamic content on video in order to create the most informative experience for those utilizing the library. She also directed on-site and remotely, managing players and coaches in three facilities in three different cities with support from other toldright Neighborhood Creators in the production, direction, and editing of the final product. In the end, they created more than 60 videos for the instructional library, giving kids all over the world the ability to elevate their game while learning from professional baseball’s top players.


Executive team who worked on the mandate

Notable Mentions

  • Mandy Cohen

  • Andrew Beard