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LIXIL Corporation

Employee engagement reaches an all-time high at LIXIL


LIXIL is a multinational company from Tokyo, Japan, driven by the desire to create innovative water and housing products that bring better living solutions to homeowners everywhere.

A global leader in housing materials, products and services, LIXIL is the parent company of some of the most respected household brands in the world, with more than 270 subsidiaries and affiliates operating in more than 150 countries.

Teaming up with toldright

LIXIL America partnered with toldright to help them turn their annual 2-day Employee Kickoff Meeting into a TV-worthy virtual event.

With a new leadership team in place and the organization fatigued from a year of Zoom, the Communications team needed help producing a kickoff event that would energize the organization, drive a sense of pride amongst employees, and effectively communicate the company’s goals for 2021.

LIXIL already valued the Neighborhood’s experience in television. They also knew toldright could deliver an on-budget solution that would allow them to avoid the painstaking process of outsourcing the work to multiple partners—all the while putting on a show their employees would never forget.


An overwhelming project made easy

In addition to producing the content, LIXIL needed toldright’s help developing the overall concept for the event that would get carried throughout the broadcast.

Although this added a layer of scale and complexity to a project that already exceeded anything LIXIL had done in the past, toldright walked them through every step of the process, providing them with the support they needed to launch their event with confidence.

How toldright brought it all together

  • Getting aligned virtually
    Toldright client services team conducted weekly virtual meetings with LIXIL to ensure the project is aligned with the organization's overall strategy and goals.
  • Supporting presenters
    Neighborhood creators collaborated with LIXIL America’s presenters to help them develop their content, record presentations, and make them feel comfortable in a live broadcast environment.
  • Developing the overall theme
    Toldright helped LIXIL create the theme of the event, develop a branded look that would get carried throughout the broadcast, and worked with presenters to incorporate the theme into their presentations.
  • Adding special features
    Special features were added to the live video segments to make virtual meetings captivating to watch and interactive for employees.

Inclusivity matters

Not only was LIXIL partnering with the best video experts in the industry, they were also partnering with a team that values inclusivity in both communication and entertainment.

Many of LIXIL’s employees are based in Mexico with English as their second language. Knowing this, toldright proactively developed solutions that demonstrated LIXIL’s commitment to access and inclusion: they created a Spanish-language platform and closed captioned the broadcast so Spanish-speaking employees could get the most out of their virtual experience.

Delivering more than just quality video

30 pre-recorded video sessions

Of 15 min to 1 hour+ and seamlessly integrated with live presentations.

Accessible content in every video

Edited with music, graphics & closed captions in English and Spanish for inclusion.

2 private live video presentations

Approximately 3 hours each & with special on-platform engagement features (quizzes, polls & chat box).

Over 2,400 conversions in 2 days

To say the virtual kickoff re-energized LIXIL’s workforce would be an understatement. The event conjured up so much excitement, connectivity, engagement, inclusivity and pride from the organization that employee engagement levels reached an all-time high since the start of the pandemic.

Toldright delivered a high-quality production and distribution platform that made what would have been an everyday Zoom call into a truly unique experience for LIXIL employees.

  • 2,200+ Registrations


  • 1,186 Documents downloaded

  • 387 Surveys taken

  • 872 Quizzes taken

  • Toldright gave us a really interactive platform where during the whole 6 hour event where people were chatting and using gifs and they were smiling!

    Jill Miller
    Leader, Communications & Corporate Responsibility
  • I feel like we’ve set the stage for our whole global organization—I just see this as being the beginning of our relationship with toldright and looking forward to continuing to work with them and ensuring we’re creating well-produced events.

    Debbie Drury
    Leader, Communications & Corporate Responsibility - LIXIL