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Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals “Bring Out The Blue”

The Business

The Kansas City Royals are the Major League Baseball team in Kansas City and a member of the American League Central division. Entering the league as an expansion team in 1969, the Royals have been all the way to the World Series on four separate occasions, winning in 1985, and again in 2015 after beating the New York Mets and becoming the first team since the Oakland A’s in 1989 to win the World Series after losing the year before.

There is a long history of professional baseball in Kansas City. The Kansas City Athletics were active in MLB from 1955 to 1967, before—in a nice tie-in with the aforementioned stat—they moved to Oakland. Almost 2 million people attend Kansas City Royals games each year.

The Challenge

When it comes time to start generating excitement for the season, the Kansas City Royals love to hype up the team, feature the fans and the stadium, and promote the amazing community feeling one gets from getting taken out to the ball game. What the Royals team was looking for to start the 2022-23 season was something exciting and punchy. Something that could live on social media channels, on TV, and in other marketing assets and platforms.

The Royals needed to get the shoot done in March, which caused its own set of problems. The production team would need to create a sense of “The Boys of Summer” in 30 degree weather, even having to clear a little snow on the day of the shoot. They would also need to coordinate to shoot b-roll footage in several different locations across the Kansas City area.

The Results

As they had worked together previously, the toldright team felt comfortable getting started quickly, with just a few pre-production calls to plan the shoot in Kansas City within two weeks. The toldright team pitched a solution based on the script that the Royals team already had in hand, and with Producer Cathi Cappas from toldright at the helm, she and her team edited together a piece for the Royals to review, which they immediately loved.

The toldright team sourced music and voiceover for the spot, and after a few minor edits, The toldright team was also able to demonstrate their own athletic prowess and flexibility by adapting to a last minute change to the voiceover. As a result, the Royals team has come back to toldright for multiple projects on a monthly basis, creating a relationship stronger than an MLB player and his chewing gum.


Executive team who worked on the mandate

Notable Mentions

  • Cathi Cappas