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Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals boost fan engagement with cutting-edge content

Meet The Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals Major League Baseball (MLB) club is a professional U.S. sport team who made back-to-back World Series appearances in 2014 and again in 2015, where they won the title.

Teaming up with toldright

Having brought on fresh talent, the Royals felt it was the perfect time to produce a 2021 season-opening promo video to announce the new team, the new season and the return of baseball to the Kansas City market post-pandemic.

The commercial spot had to be innovative, showcase the brand in a new light, and get fans pumped for a new season. And while they had a clear vision in mind, the content team lacked the resources to execute it.

That’s when Royals Chief Revenue & Innovation Officer Sarah Tourville turned to toldright, whose highly qualified sports producers and editors would help them create a season-opening spot at a highly-efficient rate by turning existing footage into eye-catching new content.


When it comes to editing, planning is everything

The Kansas City Royals wanted to avoid a lengthy process and an even costlier solution, which is why outlining their vision through creative brainstorming and asset planning was key.

While most kickoff videos take more than 6 weeks to deliver, toldright would use a cost-effective and fast-track process to achieve the following in under a month:

  • Ideating the video’s theme
  • Scripting the voiceover
  • Storyboarding the overall concept
  • Creating original graphical elements
  • Curating the right imagery to complement the concept

Exciting new content in less than 3 weeks

Editing the brand’s existing footage and turning it into a cutting-edge season-opening spot was a simple and entirely remote process. This allowed the client to save time so they could focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Presenting themes

    Toldright presented video themes, graphics and potential footage for review through a series of video calls, emails and general feedback sessions.
  • Putting it all together

    Once approved, toldright edited multiple rough cuts for the commercial spot and sought further feedback to ensure the new vision was living up to the brand’s standards.
  • The final cut

    The graphics were added at the end, approved by the client and the video finalized for distribution.

Telling KCR's story right

With a fresh new take on the brand, the Royals commercial spot received high-level engagement from fans the moment it launched and was shared across television, online, mobile and social media.

The video’s success also made the Kansas City Royals realize how working with the right team benefited the brand in more ways than one.

  • Mass impressions from excited fans
    On top of giving the brand a new edge and boosting awareness, the video ignited a lot of enthusiasm from Royals fans, amassing countless views across social media.
  • Optimized client’s operations
    Toldright’s on-demand outsourcing model simplified the video creation process. This allowed the Royals’s content staff to dedicate more time to their core responsibilities, while toldright created content on their behalf.
  • High-quality results at a low cost
    By working with a team that understands how to maximize limited resources efficiently, the Royals were able to launch a high-quality professional sports video on a tight timeline, hassle-free and without any additional costs.

A brand revival that isn’t showing signs of slowing down

Pleased with the results of their season-opening spot and the effectiveness and efficiency of the toldright team, the Kansas City Royals turned into a repeat partnership. Toldright edited other promotional videos for their social media content at which point, the brand asked for a monthly video to generate awareness for the rest of the season.

Since launching their first commercial spot, the Royals have fully embraced the on-demand nature of toldright’s solution where they’ve been able to use the always-on video resource to easily create videos on a continuous basis.

  • Tony Snethen

    You all absolutely crushed it on this project! EVERY SINGLE PERSON! So seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for all the time and dedication you put into this. I will say that this is only the beginning...more stories will be coming and this is the crew I plan to call on first. Thank you for being professional every step of the way.

    Tony Snethen
    VP Brand Innovation & Agency Lead for Pine Tar Collective - Kansas City Royals

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