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DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championship

The Business

DraftKings is the business behind the Fantasy Football World Championship event. It’s an opportunity for the best fantasy football players to get together, compete, and get to know each other. Competitors are also vying for big prizes, bragging rights, and a chance to go through to the Tournament of Champions, the final step in the fantasy football season. From their website, “As an Official Daily Fantasy Football World Championship Partner of the NFL, DraftKings is the best place for all of your fantasy football action.” And DraftKings makes sure their players know they’re appreciated.

The Challenge

Over the years, DraftKings has been holding a luxury four-day, high-end event at a tropical destination. The events are fun, successful, and help people to connect while having a great time. When Covid hit, getting people together that way became an impossibility. As a result, they were unable to hold their annual in-person Fantasy Football World Championships event.

But not willing to skip the event altogether, or to lose out on the feeling of exclusivity and luxury that they provide for their fantasy football players, DraftKings contacted toldright to help them recreate that four-day experience in a two-hour live, virtual event. With no time to waste, toldright collaborated with the DraftKings team on how to make this event as unique as possible for the audience over the course of just one month.

The Results

Knowing how much of a challenge it would be to live up to whatever expectations people would have based on past experiences (or even what they would have known about the events), DraftKings and the toldright team began working out concepts and plans for the two-hour event. Together, they created a live football talk-show starring the showrunners from NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” including Nate Burleson, Kay Adams, Peter Schrager, and Kyle Brandt. 

For increased audience engagement, a special live segment called “Who’s In Your Phone?” was also added, in which the hosts FaceTimed NFL stars and brought the show to them in real time. As a first for both DraftKings and toldright, together they were able to bring the event to an entirely new level, once again setting the bar higher than the crossbar on the uprights in an NFL end zone. 


Notable Mentions

  • Brian Gordon

  • Jamie Kiley

    Director-Blind Squirrel team