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OneTeam Partners

Creating a high-end experience in a challenging environment

Meet OneTeam Partners

OneTeam Partners is a conglomerate of renowned professional sports players’ associations, backed by founding partners NFLPA, MLBPA and RedBird Capital. Their mission is to help sports brands and athletes maximize their value through off-field activities and content opportunities.

Teaming up with toldright

OneTeam Partners needed help telling LG’s, Dallas Cowboys’s and Nebraska Furniture store’s stories in an impactful way that would build brand affinity. The 5-part home makeover series that would feature Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb had to be highly engaging and professionally edited for their clients’ sports marketing campaigns.

OneTeam’s secondary objective was to seek out a flexible video resource that could efficiently and safely execute video production during COVID-19, as well as adapt to shifting delivery times—all of which were already a foundational part of toldright’s production model.


Facing unexpected hurdles

Social distancing measures coupled with ongoing schedule and timeline changes posed significant challenges for everyone involved. Delivery had also been pushed up a month, reducing the amount of time for production. Despite these setbacks, toldright’s nimble production model and agile team were quick to adjust to ensure the project got completed on time and at the level of quality expected.

Technical production in a global pandemic

On-set production had to meet OneTeam’s COVID-19 compliance rules. This included limiting crew members to 2 camera people, wearing masks and other PPE, as well as daily temperature checks.

Video projects of this scale typically require a robust camera crew to execute, but the toldright team displayed a high degree of agility and creativity by directing part of the shoot safely over Zoom and hiring creative experts who had network-quality experience filming behind-the-scenes content with athletes.

How toldright’s network of Neighborhood creators launched a successful series with branded elements and multiple shoots

From ideation to creative execution

  • Collaboration
    • Brought the client’s initial idea to life by planning and creatively developing the mood and visual elements for the series.

    • Maximized client investment and production time in a short window through pinpoint planning and streamlined communication.
  • Connection
    • Laid out an efficient scheduling plan, giving the client the flexibility they needed to schedule around challenging timeline demands—without overtime or added expenses.

    • Coordinated with LG, furniture store representatives from Nebraska Furniture Mart, talent’s agent, and designer to ensure a successful 3-day shoot.
  • Creation
    • Created graphic style and overall aesthetic for the home series in post-production to ensure consistency throughout all 5 episodes.

    • Watch the complete series on the LG website.

    Delivering a network-quality series

    TheTaking it to the House with CeeDee Lamb” series was successfully launched as a high-end video experience designed to drive engagement and build brand affinity for OneTeam’s clients. Given that there were efficiencies and high-quality outcomes throughout the process, OneTeam was able to get even more premium-quality content than originally mandated.

    The home makeover video series was made available on the Dallas Cowboys’s social media channels, as well as on LG’s social platforms and website.

    • 20-day post-production

      Maximized client investment for on-time delivery
    • 3-day shoot

      Limited crew & contact due to COVID-19
    • 5-part series

      ~3-minute videos each with multiple branding elements
    • Various video formats

      High-volume content for increased engagement
    • “This production was extremely successful because of toldright. We were given the hard circumstances of facing Covid. And not only that, we were faced with having to expedite our deliverables, cutting our timeline in half. With all of these things that could have seemingly gone wrong, we had a lot of things that went right and I think that has a lot to do with having this awesome team on board.”

      Rachel Preisinger
      Producer - OneTeam Partners
    • Toldright was able to help us overcome a lot of the challenges in the production process because they were innovative in their thinking and brought together incredible talent and resources and accessibility and turned things around on a dime

    Neighborhood creators who worked on the mandate