Project Portfolio

CDW Incentivized Training Program

The Business

CDW is a multi-brand provider for business, government, education, and healthcare based in the US, Canada, and the UK. Their mission is to help clients reach their goals through IT solutions. Their knowledgeable solutions reduce the common risks of integrating technology for international customers. While CDW continues to expand, they identified an opportunity to manage the scale of their Incentivized Training Program with content creation and targeted videos.

The Challenge

CDW was looking for a video company that could guide them through end-to-end video production on a large scale. They found that toldright’s broad network of video talent had the expertise and creativity to help them with a strategic plan for their program execution. Their objective was to create a database of training videos for the CDW Partner internal sales team. Each video showcased training information on CDW’s product benefits and would be located within the program’s training hub.

The Results

Toldright’s Client Services and Neighborhood teams worked to create a solution that included expert scriptwriters and animators, so that each partner’s products and details would be captured in accurate and interesting training videos. This collaboration included partners such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Google, so the team needed to create a consistent video style that would be highly-customizable to each partner’s unique product offering. Since launch, the toldright team has helped CDW management effectively implement their Incentivized Training Program ensuring their employees have all the information needed to be successful. As of now, toldright has produced 100+ pieces of video content that live in their internal learning center, with more in production on an ongoing basis.


Executive team who worked on the mandate

Director, The Neighborhood
Keenan comes to toldright with 10+ years of experience in production & operations. From documentaries and features, to collaborating on the launch a live morning show, Keenan is well equipped to facilitate any production.

Notable Mentions

Eliza Chang

Lauren Lumsden

Elsie Ramsey

Josh Lay

Julie Schawrz

Dave Targen

David Kraft

Chloe Newschwander

Rebecca Halperin