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The Business

Camp North Star is a summer youth camp located in Portland, ME. To create awareness of the Camp North Star experience and attract new campers, they rely on their strong website presence. The website serves as a valuable tool to share the mission, vision, and fun activities that are integral to the camper experience, and the team at Camp North Star saw an opportunity to create video content to further tell the story and amplify the camp’s voice.

The Challenge

Camp North Star was looking for video expertise to help showcase their camp activities in live action video, with different formats and styles. Camp North Star brought their vision to toldright to lead the creation of this library of promotional videos.

These videos would showcase the unique camper experience at Camp North Star, authentically capturing their staff and outdoor activities. Toldright’s team assembled a group of video experts and guided the process to bring their mission to life through the power of video.

The Results

The toldright team captured Camp North Star’s activities on video during a two-day shoot in mid-July. The production team featured an on-site producer, two cameras, and a drone operator for a fully immersive story that included a view of the entire campsite, using every aspect of the on-site production as an asset to their final product.

The team created a four-minute campsite overview video, four one-minute activity videos, and a three-minute family video, including camper and counselor testimonials. Overall, these videos provided Camp North Star with great storytelling to help elevate their digital presence and showcase the camper experience.


Executive team who worked on the mandate

Director, The Neighborhood
Keenan comes to toldright with 10+ years of experience in production & operations. From documentaries and features, to collaborating on the launch a live morning show, Keenan is well equipped to facilitate any production.

Notable Mentions

Nancy Devaney


David Huot