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Livening up conference promotions with animated graphics

The Business

CareAR is an AR/AI-based digital platform that offers users access to remote, live visual augmented reality, interactions, instructions, and insights for optimal workflow. Used by ServiceNow enabled enterprise businesses, users of CareAR’s software solutions get the ability to view real-time augmented reality interactions, along with the instructions and crucial intelligence they need to troubleshoot issues of any kind from a remote location.

The Challenge

As a sponsor of ServiceNow’s Knowledge events, CareAR is invested in showcasing their presence at each of the regional events, including New York City, The Hague, Sydney, and Las Vegas. Their team of experienced professionals attend these events to show potential customers how their products work and what they can solve by using their various products. What CareAR needed was a sizzle, or hype-style video in order to feature their presence at the main Knowledge 22 conference.

The Results

CareAR had worked with toldright to produce something similar for the conference that took place the previous year, as well as on various other video projects. They came to toldright again in order to update their conference sizzle reel with more relevant information. Not only that, but they also wanted a more animated graphic video, versus the more voiceover video they had produced previously.

As a result, toldright brought on Animated Graphics artist, Pankaj Chapra to give the video a fresh look and feel, standing out from the previous video work that toldright had done for them. With all stakeholders in the project being very happy with the result, CareAR continues to contract toldright for more video work time and again, with this animated model serving as the template for production.


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Pankaj Chapra

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