• Can you provide talent like actors or on-screen personalities?

    100% yes. We will make sure you get the right people for your sales & promo video whether that’s behind the camera, in front, or at the editing desk. 

  • Do we need to have a script and storyboard ready?

    Absolutely not. We can pair you with award-winning creators who can help you see your vision through from idea to implementation. 

  • How long does it take?

    It depends on what stage you’re at with the idea, and where we come in. That said, we’ve shot promo video in early December that was being watched by millions before Christmas. We’ll work out a project timeline and work with you on ensuring the deadlines you need to hit to get your video out on time are met.

  • How will you work with us?

    We’ll start with a brief, yet important planning process in which we’ll learn the key details of the client goals, and the preferred workflow to set the project up for success. We’ll have a dedicated team of project managers and creators working closely with you to make sure you are getting precisely what you want. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the very best outcomes and it happens by making sure we’re all aligned throughout the whole process.

  • What types of videos are you able to create?

    All kinds! It's up to whatever you are looking for. We have creatives who can develop both live-action and animated content. We can also include graphics, music, and other enhancements. Just let us know what you're thinking and we will put together the people to make that happen.

  • Who will make our video?

    It depends on what you need. Based on your requirements, we’ll assemble a team of creators who are specialists in their chosen fields. You can learn more about our teams, their awards, and what they have worked on here.