what it means to be a Neighborhood Creator

You do what you do best, we’ll sweat the details

Being a part of the toldright Neighborhood is an opportunity to pursue your passion and work for yourself, without the overhead and insecurity that comes with working independently.

  • Level-up with industry trailblazers

    Our teams are made up of and supported by video production veterans who bring indispensable expertise to every project.
  • Tell creative & unique stories

    We’re always trying exciting new ways to tell engaging stories, and we need innovative creators like you to keep pushing the limits.
  • Focus on your passions & personal growth

    Enjoy the freedom to show off your talent, sharpen your skills with cutting-edge projects, and make new contacts as part of a diverse team.

What our collaborators have to say

  • Being a part of toldright’s neighborhood means a great deal—I’m surrounded by talented colleagues and I’m helping big and small companies tell their stories.

    Marq Massengale
    Cameraperson and Former Professional NFL Player
  • Freelancing was getting more and more tiresome, with admin and budgeting and coordination - now that I’m in the neighborhood, I’m able to focus on producing, while the toldright team takes care of the rest.

    Kory Kozak
    Multiple Emmy Award-winning Storyteller
  • When Covid left me out of work, the toldright team reached out and offered me the chance to work on some of the coolest projects. Now, I’m working on virtual events for companies like Dell, Adobe and Twitch!

    TL Fiedler
    Director of Photography and Producer
  • Toldright has allowed me to work on projects for clients I never imagined I would in my career - their team has been such a great support system and have given me the opportunity to create my best work yet.

    Tore Livia
    Director and 11-time steadicam Emmy winner

We’ve got your back

It’s not easy these days for independent creatives to thrive. We recognize where the industry is failing creators, and as a Neighborhood creator, you can count on toldright for access to flexible and interesting projects that fit your lifestyle, as well as support your professional and personal goals.

Be part of a cutting-edge virtual production network

As a Neighborhood creator, not only do you get a spot in our exclusive talent network, but you’ll unlock new opportunities and gain the valuable skills needed to navigate the new wave of video production.

No matter who (or where) you are

Toldright is committed to diversity and opportunity for all. We want creators from diverse backgrounds, all over the world, to be able to take part in groundbreaking projects and use their unique voices to tell exciting stories.

Creators in the Neighborhood

    • Associate Producer
    • Marketing
    • Operations Manager
    • Producer
    • Production Assistant
    • Production Manager
    • Public & Talent Relations
    • Camera Operators
    • Director of Photography
    • Lighting
    • Prompter
    • Audio Professionals
    • Editor
    • Graphic Designer
    • Graphics Operator
    • Legal & Licensing
    • Hair & Makeup
    • Music Composer
    • Set Designer
    • Stunt Person
    • Talent
    • Writer
    • Animal Management
    • Catering
    • Driver
    • IT Support
    • Medical
    • Runner/Utility
    • Security
    • Tech Manager
    • Travel Agent
    • …and more!


Your new partner

Meet Amanda

Amanda Short is head of our talented community, and your go-to when it comes to matching you with the right project.

“As Head of the Neighborhood, my priority is to create an inclusive environment where all our talent feels respected and appreciated. By cultivating and growing relationships within our Neighborhood, we learn each person’s strengths. We can match them perfectly with a project that will fit our client’s needs, enabling them to tell their stories creatively and efficiently.”

—Amanda Short, Head of the Neighborhood

Have a question for Amanda or the team?